Instant Download Information

What is an Instant Download?
The “Instant Download” option is very user-friendly and
gives you quick and easy access to your order online within seconds.

Through our easy and confidential ordering system, we have
the capability of delivering our Copyright Your Music In Minutes audio / video tutorial,
plus all of the free bonuses
to your very own computer, online in just a few seconds
and best of all, this option works with all computer types such as PCs,
Macs, Desktops and Laptops.

If you do not know much about computers, don’t worry, the
Instant Download option only requires that you point and click
onto a few items in order to download them onto your computer for use.

Over 95% of our customer prefer the instant download option because it gives you immediate access to your order
 and it is extremely easy to use.

Try it out for yourself, you'll love it!

Note: All of the bonus ebooks can also be downloaded into your PDA as well, this makes for great reading later.

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